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Electro Hawaiian®Lap Steel String for 8-string Hawaiian lap steel - Single Set

Product Description

Asher Electro Hawaiian® Lap Steel Strings for 8-string are Nickel Round Wound, medium/heavy gauge strings for 8-string electric lap steel guitar and are manufactured in the USA by La Bella String Company.  Each set is vacuum-sealed for protection against the elements - water, oxygen and pollution. 

Ideal for use on 23" to 24" scale length electric instruments (such as the Asher Electro Hawaiian® 8-string Lap Steels, and the Alan Akaka Lap Steel.) These strings can be used with various tunings such as C6 (Hawaiian,) C13 or C6 (Western Swing.) Whether its country, Hawaiian or another genre, these strings will suit your needs.


Here are the gauges:

.015p  .017p  .020p  .024p  .028w  .036w  .048w  .068w



  • Vacuum-sealed for protection, freshness and extended life
  • Nickel Round Wound, Medium/Heavy Gauge for 8-string electrics
  • Can be used on all Asher electric 8-string lap steel guitars
  • Supports various tunings for a variety of styles of music
  • Made in the USA by La Bella

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