The Irwin-Asher "Wolf 2.0" guitar, limited to only 10 masterfully built instruments, will be among the finest replication of this iconic guitar played by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Using Irwin's original templates and drawings, "Wolf" will also be crafted from Irwin's private 30-year-old stash of figured maple. Wolf 2.0 will embody all the classic tones, contours, and details of Jerry's original, combined with Asher's unique artistry and craftsmanship. Limited to only 10 builds, which sold out in a matter of days, each will be accompanied by a signed Certificate Of Authenticity, as well as a hard-cover pictorial book of the Irwin-Asher journey.

The Irwin-Asher “Wolf” prototype, completed by Asher in 2021-22, is now owned and played by John Mayer. Mayer debuted the new “Wolf” with Dead and Company – The Final Tour, at Playing in the Sand event in Mexico on January 14, 2023. Mayer says that Asher’s recreation of Irwin’s iconic build is “unbelievable…I can confidently say Doug and Bill nailed it.”

Irwin and Asher are already talking about collaborating on future custom builds with some new designs and electronic configurations.

Asher plans to continue the Jerry/Grateful Dead/Dead and Co homage with some one-off “Jerrified” Asher builds that will encapsulate the clean precision and warm attack of Jerry’s sound, combined with the style and craftsmanship that Asher Guitars is known for. These builds will be up to the creative discretion of Bill Asher and will be posted up for sale as they become available.

Finally, Asher Guitars is proud to be a part of the Irwin Certified build team with Leo Elliott of Scarlet Fire Guitars. Both are dedicated to the betterment of fellow luthier Doug Irwin and building the finest Irwin replications for musicians, collectors and fans to cherish. 


        • scale length ~ 25.5 inches
        • body wood  ~ purple heart, maple, book-matched quilted maple
        • neck ~ 5-layer lamination of purple heart and fiddleback maple with sterling silver side dots
        • neck specs ~ .8 --> .90 "C" shape carve
        • fret board ~ African ebony with mother of pearl and faux ivory inlay
        • headstock ~ African ebony, with 4-layer binding and mother of pearl signature eagle inlay
        • pickups ~ SDS (aged white), Super 2 (black), Super 2 (black)
        • controls ~ master volume, master tone, 5 way, military spec components
        • extra controls  ~ 2 subminiature switches for humbucker pickup coils / series parallel
        • details ~ magnetized "Wolf" inlay front cover plate and personal tracking devise.
        • bridge ~ Kluson harmonica
        • machine heads ~ Schaller 3 x 3
        • finish  ~ thin gloss on body and neck
        • nut width ~ 1 11/16"
        • number of frets ~ 24
        • case  ~ custom embellished hard shell
        • documentation: signed Certificate Of Authenticity and signed hardcover memorabilia book
        • strings ~ .010-.046 Nickel Round Wound
        • price ~ $22,000
        • Irwin-Asher Wolf Limited Edition is SOLD OUT
        • Please contact Irwin Guitars for all inquiries about Irwin/Asher Custom Builds and other Certified Irwin replicas by talented Leo Elliott of Scarlet Fire Guitars.