Asher Branded Accessories

Asher Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel Bridge Machined Aluminum with Flat Radius - Metric Anchors

Product Description

The Asher Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel Bridge was designed to have a flat radius (no curvature), which improves overall sustain and provides an even tone across strings. Even if your playing doesn’t improve, upgrading to this bridge alone will not only keep the lap steel in tune longer, but also improve the sound. 



  • For 6-string electric lap steel guitars
  • Has flat radius
  • 2 5/32 string spacing (3.228 from middle of each end hole like LP Jr spacing)
  • Metric anchors provided 
  • Improves sustain
  • Evens tone across strings
  • Keeps lap steel in tune longer
  • use a 27/64" drill bit to install
  • Installation tips: measure scale length from front edge of nut (closest to the fretboard). Add 1/16" compensation to scale length. Mark as center line across for anchors. Drill first anchor hole on that centerline starting with one side first. Once you drill the first side, put bridge on. Align the bridge on centerline and using a brad point, mark the other hole through the bridge hole. Remove bridge and then drill the second side. Drill each hole 1" in depth. Put bridge back on and secure both sides.

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