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Acoustic Hawaiian™ Lap Steel Strings, Box of 10!

Product Description

Might as well get a discount by purchasing a box containing 10 sets of Acoustic Hawaiian ™ Lap Steel Strings. 

Acoustic Hawaiian ™ Lap Steel Strings are Phosphor Bronze, medium gauge strings for 6-string acoustic lap steel guitar and manufactured here in the USA.

The high carbon steel plains and hexagonal-shaped cores in this set are drawn using the highest quality progressive dies in an advanced, USA wire mill. Then they are wound with corrosion resistant phosphor bronze using state-of-the-art machinery for the ultimate in consistency and quality. The result is a string with great pitch stability, super accurate intonation, enhanced longevity, and the classic balanced tone associated with phosphor bronze. These strings are applicable to all musical styles.

Ideal for use on 23" to 25" scale length acoustic instruments (such as a Weissenborn, Asher Acoustic Hawaiian ™ Lap Steels and all Weissenborn replicas), these strings can be used with various tunings such as Open E, Open D, Open G and G6. Whether its blues, Hawaiian or Dobro, these strings will suit your needs.


Here are the gauges:

.014p  .017p  .028w  .036w  .046w  .058w



  • Phosphor Bronze, Medium Gauge for 6-string acoustic lap steel
  • Wound with corrosion resistant phosphor bronze
  • Results in great pitch stability, super accurate intonation and enhanced longevity
  • Sealed in plastic interior pouch for longer shelf life
  • Can be used on most Weissenborn-style guitars
  • Supports various tunings for a variety of styles of music
  • Made in the USA

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