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Asher Vintage Style Compensated Tele Bridge, Cold Rolled Steel Base Plate with Brass Saddles


This is the Asher vintage-style compensated Tele Bridge with a cold rolled steel 1218 base plate with brass compensated saddles in collaboration with  Jeremy Colas of Advanced Plating Inc. This bridge is ultra flat and comes in nickel or gold. The saddles are off-set compensated with a "V" notched string path, which not only extends the life of the saddles, but gives 2 contact points per string. Made out of the highest quality metals, the Asher bridge creates a full, balanced tone that helps produce that vintage Tele tone with better stability and more accurate intonation! These directly fit on any Asher T-Deluxe style guitar and most Fender brand Tele guitars from 1952 to 1964 and modern vintage USA models. The Asher Bridge also comes in a Bigsby Mod, Lefty, Lightly Distressed and Gold.



  • Asher Vintage-style Tele bridge by Advanced Plating
  • 3 brass saddles with 5/16" diameter (50's style)
  • Ultra flat cold rolled steel base plate at .048 thickness
  • 2 1/8" string spacing
  • Increased transfer of string vibration and no buzzing
  • Comes with screws
  • Made in the USA


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