Custom Pickguards

Acrylic "Leopard" Tortoise Strat Pickguard - Hand Cut and Polished to Perfection!


This is a beautiful hand-cut and polished acrylic "leopard" tortoise shell pickguard for a standard Strat. The front is hand polished on a buffing wheel, and the back, which is left untreated, is signed by Bill Asher.  


  • Standard 8-hole Strat pickguard (57)
  • Beautiful "Leopard" Tortoise (similar to the Bad Cat style) material - brown/amber tones
  • Hand cut and hand polished to perfection

***it may take a few days for your pickguard to ship since they are cut and polished by hand.

***Custom orders (with template provided) will be a $50 upcharge per guard.

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