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Virtuoso Premium Polish and Cleaner Set w/ Asher Cloth

Product Description

Want to make your Asher Guitar - or any guitar for that matter – have that well-cared for luster and finish? Virtuoso Premium Cleaner and Polish (sold as a set) were designed to do exactly that. Developed especially for safe use on vintage guitars and guitars with nitrocellulose finishes, Virtuoso Premium Cleaner can cut through years of buildup, whether from waxes, dirt, cigarette smoke or oils from your hand.

Virtuoso Premium Polish, meant to be used on a clean guitar, is a good follow-up to achieve maximum luster and protection. The Polish can make your guitar finish resistant to fingerprints as well as provide a high degree of UV protection.

Both the Cleaner and Polish use a chemical reaction to break down residue – no abrasives or harmful chemicals are used that could possibly damage the finish on a vintage instrument.



  • Safe for use on vintage instruments and nitrocellulose finishes
  • Works great on new instruments
  • Effectively cuts through years of grime, including dirt and cigarette smoke
  • Protects from fingerprinting and UV rays
  • Premium grade for all fine instruments
  • Comes in (2) 4oz. bottles
  • Asher Untreated Polish Cloth Included
  • Made in the USA




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